Write a discussion on Social Work in relation to the readings by Koenig and Kendi

Reflect a thorough and thoughtful reading of the required texts (Koenig, T., Spano, R., & Thompson, J. B., 2019) and How toBe an Anti-Racist (Kendi, 2018).
Part 1: Application of Theory
Discuss How to Be an Anti-Racist in relation to:
Social work theory and practice ascovered in the text so far and from your own learning about the socialwork profession. (5 points)
Using specific examples from the text and anyoutside reading/current events to related current debates about Critical Race theory and related to anyparticular chapter/discussion/theme from Howto be an Anti-Racist (5 points)
Part 2: Examining Anti-Racism Practices on an IndividualLevel
Describe how you can commit tofollowing some of the steps to eliminate racial inequity that Kendioutlines on page 231.
How can you hold yourself accountablewhile practicing these steps?Who can support you in this work toactively be an antiracist? (5 points)
Why does Kendi recommend that weapproach antiracist work with vulnerability?
Why is it difficult to acknowledgeour own beliefs or perspectives as being racist?How can recognizing and sharing ourown beliefs create an opportunity for self-reflection?How can you help others in their ownreflection and learning? (5 points)