Write a discussion paper on what is Epidemiology

Write a discussion paper on what is EpidemiologyEach student will prepare a paper focused on answering the following guidelines:Choose a current emerging disease or reemerging disease prevalent in your community or the larger community of the nation or world.Complete an epidemiology triangle diagram for the chosen disease and thoroughly describe, using references, each factor and how it could contribute to an outbreak in your community.You must present your writing double-spaced, in a Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier New font, with a font size of 12.Pay attention to grammar rules (spelling and syntax).Your work must be original and not contain material copied from books or the internet.When citing the work of other authors, includes citations and references using APA style to respect their intellectual property and avoid plagiarism.Remember that your writing must have a header or a cover page that includes the name of the institution, the program, the course code, the title of the activity, your name and student number, and the assignment’s due date.Submission Instructions: (Default Instructions in the LMS)Submit your assignment by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.Contribute a minimum of two pages. It should include at least two academic sources, formatted and cited in APA.