Write a paper describing the family in which you grew up.

Family Analysis and Evaluation:· Write a paper describing the family in which you grew up. Do not simply list or repeat the factual information which is already in your genogram (e.g., “My mother was born in 1948 and had four siblings,” etc.). Instead, you provide a big picture processed by your own interpretations (e.g., “I am from a family of an emotionally fused system that has constantly prevented us from developing healthy boundaries needed for intimate relationships.”).· Identify the various 1) roles your family members played, 2) the rules that governed your family’s life (particularly the subtle, unspoken ones—e.g. “Don’t mess with Dad when he’s drinking” 3) formal and informal rituals, traditions, and/or “myths.”· Using Gilbert, note such factors as to 1) how anxiety was typically handled, 2) how distance and closeness were maintained, 3) the degree of fusion and self-differentiation that existed between members, 4) important triangles, and 5) any other insights you may be able to gain using Bowen’s eight concepts of family systems theory.· Provide a brief assessment of your family’s strengths and limitations as a system.· Discuss one or two significant issues and their likely impact on your role as pastor and work in ministry.· Conclude with issues for your further explorations (the areas that you need to work, or continue working on in the future).how would you approach something like this