Write a paper on Business News Event Analysis.

Write a paper on Business News Event Analysis.At the end of the course, you are required to identify and write about one currentbusiness news event concerning a specific organization that illustrates conceptscovered in this course (e.g., Merrill Lynch’s restructuring from 10 to 6 divisions). Theevent you chose to discuss can occur any time after February 1, 2022.Your analysis of the event should be based on a minimum of four (4) articles.Articles can be from any major periodical (e.g., BusinessWeek, The EconomistFortune) or major newspaper (i.e., Investor’s Business Daily, New York Times, WallStreet Journal). One source can be from a blog or newsletter from an expert in thefield. (Note: A brief news announcement/article of less than 450 words providesinsufficient depth and breadth and therefore is not considered one of the required 4sources for the purposes of this assignment.)Write-ups should include a Description of the situation, a clearly articulatedConnection to Management Concepts, Takeaways/lessons learned, andReferences. You should draw upon a number of management concepts in youranalysis of the event, and these concepts should be from at least three differentchapters. Takeaways should go beyond the current situation/ organization. You arebeing asked to think about management lessons you can apply to your ownprofessional life in the future.Your work should be professionally presented. In terms of formatting, written summariestypically are 2-3 single-spaced pages not including references (with a blank linebetween paragraphs– just like this document). The font should be 12 pt Times NewRoman. Margins should be 1 inch around. Your name should appear at the top of thefirst page and be right justified. The write-up should be titled based on the businessevent about which you are writing. The management concepts that you drawupon should be italicized in the Connection to Management Concepts section. All foursections should be clearly delineated with bolded headings. You may be penalized forgrammatical, spelling, and other errors. (Note: A grading rubric and several paststudent papers are posted on BlackBoard.)