Write a paper on the Global Health Issue Presentation/Powerpoint

Write a paper on the Global Health Issue Presentation/PowerpointThe Global Health Issue PowerPoint should include bullet points from your paper. Do not copy and paste text from your paper into the PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should be 6-8 slides and be no longer than 5 minutes. Label the document as “Title of Presentation_Last Name_First Initial.” Post the PowerPoint on Blackboard (Discussion Board) by 9 a.m. on Friday during the week assigned. Each student must view and comment on five presentations. Comments should include references to other factors that impact the global health issue, other policy or health interventions that have the potential to influence the health issue, and/or potential limitations of the intervention described.*This is basically just a PowerPoint presentation on the paper you wrote and I was originally planning on doing it myself but since you wrote the paper you’d better know what to put on there regarding useful information.
*Also if possible could you use GOOGLE SLIDES since I have not purchased or have access to Powerpoint.