Write a paper summarizing a specific source that is related to the controversy you’ve chosen under this year’s First Year overarching topic.

Write a paper summarizing a specific source that is related to the controversy you’ve chosen under this year’s First Year overarching topic.You may not use the First Year Topic Research Samples bank for this assignment. Use your research skills.You are allowed to reference a style guide, such as Purdue Owl.You are allowed to refer to your Unit 1 and Unit 2 lessons and notes.You are allowed to re-read your article as often as you like.FormatPut your name in the top left-hand corner and put your high school instructor’s name immediately below it.Next, include the full MLA style bibliographic citation entry of the piece you’re summarizing.Set margins to 1 inch, spacing to single spaced, and font to 12 pt. Do not exceed one page in length.Use MLA style formatting for the citation and parenthetical citations. In addition to the convention of using parenthetical citations to indicate page numbers, please number the paragraphs for online articles and newspapers that do not feature page numbers. (The student sample uses that style).Specific Summary ExpectationsResearch a controversy and choose a viewpoint source (such as an editorial or opinion piece) for this summary.Introduce the controversy and give background information that the reader will need to understand why people are debating this question.Introduce the writer, and explain why this person is a stakeholder in the controversy. If necessary, introduce other stakeholders, and explain how this writer and his/her viewpoint relate(s) to these stakeholders and their viewpoints.Offer a concise but thorough summary of the position this source is advocating. This summary may be longer and have more detail than the play-by-play and argument-breakdown summaries that you wrote for class. And it may include a mixture of both play-by-play and argument-breakdown summary.Stay as close to the text as possible, quoting the writer’s exact words at times to tie both you and your readers to the original text itself. Where necessary and appropriate, include parenthetical citations. For paginated sources MLA guides will tell you to just use the page numbers and not to include “pp.” or “p.” For non-paginated digitalsources, cite paragraph numbers using this format: (author, par. #). Your aim is to hand your readers your understanding of WHAT this text is arguing for. Attributions and signal phrases such as “Smith says/notes/ states,” or “according to Bell,” etc., will help you designate what is called intellectual property. You will not have room to cover all the points a writer makes, so you will need to synthesize the information for us, tell us what position the writer is advocating, and then offer quotes from the text itself to demonstrate (to show us) that the writer is arguing what you say she or he is arguing. Do not offer your own commentary, opinions, or arguments about what the text says, and do not offer a rhetorical analysis of the writing. Stick to content: What is the writer saying in this text? What position is he or she advocating?