Write a research paper on the Modern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Write a research paper on the Modern India, Pakistan, BangladeshPart 1: Write short notes (a paragraph for each, 4-5 sentences) identifying anddiscussing the significance of any three of the following. Situating the term ina time frame (even if approximate) will complete the response:
• Ahimsa and Satyagraha• Subhas Chandra Bose• Government of India Act 1935• The Quit India Movement• Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Part II: Write a 1000-word ( about 4 double-spaced pages) essay in response toany one of the following prompts:
Note: Your essay must include concrete references to the readings on eachpage.
Prompt 1:How did the idea of self-determination shape political developments inmodern South Asia? Discuss with reference to the period, c. 1857-1971.[Note: You do not have to discuss every event or personality in thisperiod, select those that best support your analysis and use concreteexamples to back up your argument].
Prompt 2:Two empires ruled large parts of early modern and modern South Asia:the Mughal and the British empires. At the height of their power, theMughal Empire and British Empire had to marshal both consent andcoercion to stay in power. Yet the two types of imperial authority werealso different in nature. Discuss with examples.
Evaluation:As with the midterm exam your essay will be graded for argument,organization, evidence, grammar and punctuation. Treat each essay as anacademic exercise and avoid overly casual phrasing or slang. Essays shouldhave an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You may use allreadings and lectures for examples to support your analysis. Since you havecompleted a research paper, you may bring in that material if relevant to yourargument. Cite all quotes and keep citations simple and in-text. Attach a workscited page to the exam. There is no need to cite class lectures.
Here are some of the links you can look at
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