Write a rhetorical analysis on the effectiveness of an article.

Write a rhetorical analysis on the effectiveness of an article.
Be sure to include the following:1. Introduction In your introduction, provide a brief overview of the article (consider the questions listed above). Consider the author’s purpose, and if the author is effective in achieving that purpose.
2. Thesis Your thesis statement is one sentence that provides an overview of your essay. A thesis statement is not a question, and is something that you will debate/argue in the paper. For this essay, consider how the author uses rhetoric in the essay, and whether the essay is effective.
Sample Thesis Statement: In Smith’s article “On Recycling for the Future,” the author uses a combination of logical and emotional appeals to effectively convince the reader that all communities should promote and support recycling.Note that this thesis states the author and the title, a position (the author is effective) and names some specific rhetorical devices.3. Body of the Essay: In the body of your essay, find specific examples in the text to support your points. If you want to argue that the author is effective in using rhetorical questions, then be sure to show the textual evidence in your paragraph. Identify the type of rhetorical device, and then explain how and to what effect the author uses this device.
4. Documentation: Remember whenever we use information from a source, we must cite that source. As you include your quotes and examples from the essay, include your citation. You should also include your reference at the end of the paper. You are only required to use the one source, the article you are analyzing, but if you use other sources, be sure to cite these as well.
5. Conclusion: In any conclusion, we need to summarize our paper and include one of the following:a call to actiona final appeala solutionPerhaps after reading and analyzing this article, we want to have a call to action because the author is so effective on the topic. On the other hand, we could include a solution that the author is not effective in his or her purpose.Keep in mind: Refer to the list below throughout the writing process. Do not submit your Touchstone until it meets these guidelines.❒ Have you included an engaging introduction?❒ Have you written a thesis with an overview of your paper and your purpose for writing?❒ Have you included your background and context with the audience, purpose, and tone?❒ Have you identified rhetorical devices?❒ Have you analyzed how the author used these rhetorical devices?❒ Have you included your documentation?❒ Have you included a conclusion with a call to action, a final appeal, or a solution?❒ Have you read over carefully for grammatical errors?