Write a your review paper on the feminist thoughts essay.

Write a your review paper on the feminist thoughts essay.Please submit your research paper though this link. Review the rubric on the course syllabus for the Research Paper so you understand how the paper will be graded. Before submitting the paper, be sure that you have met the following criteria:Thesis- The introduction contains a clear thesis that states the topic of the paper and the main idea about the topic that the paper will develop.Argument – provides a clear opinion and includes your own insights and ideas about the topic. The argument must be adequately developed to meet the length requirements of the assignment.Research- uses the required number of quality, relevant sources appropriate to college-level research.Grammar and Writing- uses correct grammar, appropriate vocabulary, and competent writing skills.MLA Documentation- both Works Cited page and in-text citations are correctly formatted.Good luck and remember that you can reach out to me, the Center for Academic Success, and the Library if you need help or have questions.After you submit your draft, go back a short while after and read your Turnitin Report. I too will read your report and draft and advise you of my recommendations for the final paper.This tool was successfully loaded in a new browser window. Reload the page to access the tool again.The following content is partner provided