Write an essay based education has any effect on the school environments?

Write an essay based education has any effect on the school environments? Attached are instructions and examples of how the paper should look. Literature review must encompass a minimum of ten peer-reviewed academic or professional sources.Below is the topic:
Research questionThis research is aimed at determining whether proficiency-based education has any effect on the school environments. Educators across the country are looking for strategies to advance student’s success and preserve a conducive school environment for students. This work is purposed to research school climate and look into the impact of proficiency-based education on the school environment through perspectives from different high school teachers. This study will be carried out in various high schools across the country. The rationale behind this is from the sense that many schools have adapted the proficiency-based education system, while others have not adopted it. Hence there is a possibility of obtaining all necessary and relevant data from these different schools.Research Design.A mixed method of qualitative and quantitative research will be used in this study.Questionnaires and interviews will be used as the data collection methodologies in this reseaech. Interview will facilitate indepth analysis of the research issue ensuring there is flexibility in data collection (Young et al., 2018). The research is purposed to interview different teachers so as to understand their views on the relationship between proficiency-based education and the school climate. The use of questionnaires will also enable the researchers to reach many participants in a short time. The data obtained will then be analyzed to check on the strengths and weaknesses and how they can be corrected. The institution administration is expected to support the project to ensure its success by providing the necessary resources.
ReferencesYoung, J., Rose, D., Mumby, H., Benitez‐Capistros, F., Derrick, C., & Finch, T. et al. (2018). A methodological guide to using and reporting on interviews in conservation science research. Methods In Ecology And Evolution, 9(1), 10-19. https://doi.org/10.1111/2041-210x.12828