Write an essay comparing their different approaches to the question of legitimate political authority.

1. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke both used the concepts of a state of nature and a social contract to argue for the kind of political arrangement they thought suitable to human nature and the conditions under which political rule is necessary. While their starting points are similar, they arrive at different conclusions about the type of political authority that should command the allegiance of ostensibly free and equal individuals. Write an essay comparing their different approaches to the question of legitimate political authority. In your essay you should discuss the reasons why they came to different conclusions about political authority and which argument you find more persuasive.2. In his Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, Jean-Jacques Rousseau takes issue with Hobbes’ portrayal of the state of nature and his conclusions about where absolute sovereignty must reside. Write an essay on Rousseau’s argument with Hobbes. In your essay you should discuss the different approaches each theorist takes when explaining the reasons for the existence of political authority.3. Locke and Rousseau share similar views on what establishes a right to property, but in all other respects they disagree on the role property plays in civil society and in the origins of a political state. Compare and contrast their views, paying attention to what it is that causes the two theorists to have such different evaluations of property.4. The values of liberty (or freedom) and equality are often seen as the cornerstones of modern liberalism. Write an essay comparing and contrasting the way Hobbes (in the Leviathan), Locke (in the Second Treatise of Government), and Rousseau (in The Social Contract) view these values.5. John Locke, in his Letter Concerning Toleration, appears to argue for a separation of church and state because they involve two different spheres of human activity. In his chapter in Civil Religion in The Social Contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau suggests that religion does have a place in politics. Write an essay comparing these two views.Write an essay of approximately 7-9 double-spaced pages on one of the topics listed below. You are not to consult or refer to secondary sources. Rather, you are asked to develop your own reasoned argument in response to the question, proposition, or contention which the essay topics contain.All direct quotes and paraphrases must be appropriately cited. The most convenient way of citing a passage in the text (or close paraphrase) in a political theory essay is to use the MLA citation style which consists of parenthetical in-text citations and a Texts Cited or Bibliography at the end of the paper. In-text citations would look like this: (Hobbes 2011, 650). The Texts Cited or Bibliography entry at the end of your essay should look like this: Hobbes 2011, Leviathan in Michael L. Morgan, ed. Classics of Moral and Political Theory. Indianapolis, Indiana: Hackett Publishing Co.Clarity is a key to writing a successful essay in political theory. This means being clear about the problem you are addressing, clear about the argument you are proposing, and clear in the way you develop that argument. It is often said that good writing makes for good arguments. When composing your essay, you should pay particular attention to spelling, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph formatting, punctuation and all the other elements that contribute to a good writing style. Nothing diminishes or obscures a written argument more than having it expressed poorly or sloppily.