Write an essay-length explication of “Kaytlyn invites me to a party” bt Dessa Bayrock, which explains the central idea of the poem by analyzing the poem as a whole.

Read the poem provided below and write a 4-6 paragraph essay. The essay must include an opening paragraph and a thesis statement. You should be quoting the poem where it is needed to provide the evidence in each body paragraph, and you should be citing the poem’s line numbers in your essay. No work cited is required.The poem“Kaytlyn invites me to a party”by Dessa Bayrock
I roll the word party around in my mouthlike an unripe rose hip. I take myself for a walk,find a cicada* bunched up in what’s left of its skin.It crawls out mint green, pale pink, and leavesthe shell of its own self behind, ghostly. Rose hips**, 5too, I think are ghosts-_although I’m never sureif rose hips are the thing that comes beforeor after the rose. I know at some point, sometimes, wasps crawl into them, maybe for food, or shelter,or a party. A party. The last party I went to 10was two springs ago, two crawlings of cicadas,two swellings and burstings of blossoms. It feels dim,now, the memory of it wrapped up in the buzz, the hum,the voices crowded into Kaytlyn’s apartmentbefore it was painted pale pink, before the break-up 15split it like a rose hip. Seeds must spill from somethinglike that, right? Something new must emerge?I watch the cicada crawl out of itself, go nowhere,harden up as quickly as it can in the bright air,but me I am still soft. The petals that come 20before the hardening. The cicadastill shivering like a nymph***