Write an essay on Mayan creation myth.

Write an essay on Mayan creation myth.You do NOT need to consult any outside sources, but if you do be sure to include a list of resources consulted. All of your sources must be reliable! Points will be deducted for using inappropriate sources!! If you use an internet source not located in a library database, you must we certain it is a reliable website for academic, college level research.10% of your final gradePrompt:Read the Mayan creation story from the Popol Vuh. Write a five+ paragraph essay analyzing this myth in terms of methods, materials, description of creators, and culture. The Methods and Materials used in the myth must be explicitly identified (use a phrase like “the materials are…”). The creator must be described using terms we have discussed, and you should identify as many facets of culture as you can including geography, etiologies, food sources, whether this is a patriarchal culture, and any other cultural or religious values that are self-evident. Your essay must include a comparison to another myth we have read. Bonus points if you can explain where the name Mayan comes from after reading this story. Mayan Creation Myth