Write an essay on the book “Born A Criminal”

1.Noah’s mother is a strong woman who taught her son to respect women, and yet she ended up marrying a man who physically abused her, Noah, and his younger brother. Discuss these contradictions, and the effect they had on young Noah.2. Noah speaks multiple languages–discuss how his knowledge of language affects his view of culture and helps him move between worlds.3. Noah talks at length about how he didn’t exactly fit in because he was mixed-race but lived with a black mother and family. Discuss how he was viewed in South Africa, and how he is viewed here in the U.S. Do his experiences as a biracial kid and teen have parallels in the U.S.?4. Although Noah’s experiences in this book are rooted in South Africa, what do you think readers can take away and apply to current race relations in the U.S.?