Write an essay on the Innocence Project

It is now clear that some people who are serving time in prisons have been wrongfully convicted. The Innocence Project is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to free these individuals and to reform the system that is responsible for their imprisonment. In some cases, the convictions are partly attributable to “false confessions” or to other incriminating statements made to police, but in the majority of cases, the individuals have consistently maintained their innocence.According to the project’s website (www.innocenceproject.org(Links to an external site.)), eyewitness misidentification played a role in over 75% of convictions that were ultimately overturned. Judges and juries had weighed this eyewitness testimony heavily at their trials. Invalidated or improper forensic science, false confessions, and the testimony of informants also play a role in DNA cases that are ultimately overturned.Questions for Discussion1. Go to the website of the Innocence Project and discuss any two recent cases highlighted there.2. Should persons wrongly convicted of a crime be compensated for the time they have spent in prison? If so, what is the best form of compensation?