Write an important role in effectively improving the firm’s performance and competitiveness.

Assignment Objective:
This Assignment is designed to assess students how deep of their understanding the principles, concepts, and techniques that are appliedto the design, planning, control,and improvement of manufacturing and service operationssystems.
AssessmentScene ( Background ):
Operations Management is the management of processesor systems that transform inputs into finished goods and/orprovide services. Over the past decades, many firms havelearned the painful lessons that neglectof the operations function can beextremely hazardous to the health of the organization.It has been demonstrated that operations managementbecomes a primary function of a firm,and playsan important role in effectively improving the firm’s performance andcompetitiveness.
Youare the OperationManagement Consultant for a “Start-up” company and you are askedby theCEOof theStart-up company toanalysis the company operation managerial efficiency. Since the company was started-upby a group of teens who have nothadoccupied any conceptions about management nor operation management . Thiscourse provides an overviewof operations management in both the manufacturing and service industries..
You will need to:
Upon completion of the assignment, students should have a full demonstration of showinghis deep understanding of the principles, concepts, and techniques in operations management, and use the quantitative and qualitative tools to analyzebasic operations-related issues. Specifically, students will be able to:
1.Understand the basic roleof the operations function in businessorganizations and its interdependence with other keyfunctions2.Understand how operationsstrategy is usedtosupport the businessstrategy andtoobtaina sustainablecompetitive advantage3.Understand the keydecisions and trade-offsinvolved in effectivelymanaging manufacturingand serviceoperations4.Apply basic technical and analytical skills to identify, formulate, and solve operations management problems