Write Censorship Essay – The Production code Administration

Essay #1: TheProduction Code AdministrationThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s MargaretHerrick Library houses the archival records of the Production Code Administration,many of which have been digitized. For this essay, you will go to: http://digitalcollections.oscars.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/p15759coll30Using these papers as your primary source material, you willtrace the censorship history of one of the following films:·Top Hat (RKO, 1935)·Fury (MGM, 1936)·My Man Godfrey (Universal, 1936)·The Plainsman (Paramount, 1937)·The Philadelphia Story (MGM, 1940)·High Sierra (Warner Bros., 1941)·Cabin in the Sky (MGM, 1943)·The Razor’s Edge (20th Century Fox,1946)·Raw Deal (Eagle-Lion, 1948)·On Dangerous Ground (RKO, 1952)In reading these Production Code files, pay close attentionto the correspondence between the Breen Office and the studio. What seem to bethe PCA’s main causes for concern? What types of changes does the PCA request?How does the Studio address the PCA’s concerns? How do the PCA’s commentsrelate to the historical and/or social context of the film’s production? Whatconclusions can you draw about the role of the PCA in the film productionprocess?As part of this assignment, you will also need to watch thefilm under consideration. How were the PCA’s suggestions ultimately realized inthe final film?Finally, you will read at least one review of the film,written contemporaneous to its release. To what extent does the review of thefilm address any of the matters that were of concern to the Breen Office? Howdoes the critic’s approach to reading the film differ from the censor’s?
Final essays should be 7-8 pages in length and shouldinclude proper citation of your sources.