Write demographic information questions after (age, gender, race/ethnicity, level of education, income).

Please state your revised research question and hypothesis. Search for a survey in a peer-reviewed article, the survey should answer your research question. You can edit the selected questions as needed.
The final deliverables for this week include: 1. revised research question and hypothesis 2. Survey (5-10) survey adapted from an existing survey in the literature (peer-reviewed journal article).
Topic: ______________________________________Research Question: _______________________________________________Alternative Hypothesis (Ha): _________________________________Null Hypothesis (Ho): ____________________________________________
Choose one of the topics given by the professor. Only topics assigned by the professor will be graded.You will develop your own research question based on the selected topic.The number of questions do not matter. Try to include 8-10 questions that will answer the research question. Make sure that the questions are relevant to answer the research question. The demographic questions are not included in these questions. The survey should not exceed 1.5 pages.The surveys must include at least 3 types of the following:Questioning techniques: Closed-ended (structured) questions; and 1-2 open-ended (unstructured) questions. Please note that all questions must be closed-ended, except for the 1 – 2 opened-ended questions that you will include at the end of the survey.Scaling techniques (Likert Scale, Rating Scale, Verbal Frequency Scale).Structure of the Survey/QuestionnaireWrite the Topic and the Research QuestionWrite demographic information questions after (age, gender, race/ethnicity, level of education, income). These should be closed-ended questions, therefore you MUST provide options for the participants.Next, write questions that will help you to answer the research question. These will consist of question types mentioned in instruction 4 (above).Survey will be graded on:Ability to follow instructions for this assignmentProviding clear instructions for participants to followRelevance of questions to the topicOrganization/Neatness/formatGrammar/spellingPlease read Chapter 5 and use resources from the Internet for tips to help you develop an excellent survey.Tips for Developing a SurveyProvide clear instructionsQuestions should be kept simple; do not use words beyond the comprehension of a grade 6 level.Do not ask 2 questions in one; ask one question at a timeProvide a list of options when you develop closed-ended questionsProvide enough space for responses to open-ended questionsProvide options that are mutually exclusiveAvoidBias questions – Ex. Do you think coffee has a positive effect on brain function?Double Negatives – Do you disagree that students should not have homeworks?Big words, shorthand, abbreviations.