Write narratives, reconstruct scenes, develop characters, and add emotion to your nonfiction stories.

Write narratives, reconstruct scenes, develop characters, and add emotion to your nonfiction stories. Explain how McCourt developed his characters. Use examples and refer to concepts you learned in “Telling True Stories” (i.e., Franklin’s and Nelson’s chapters on character development). Address how McCourt reconstructed scenes from his own personal experiences growing up in poverty in Ireland and integrate concepts from “Telling True Stories” (i.e.. Hoshschild’s chapters on reconstructing scenes). As you develop the content in your answer, be sure to identify your favorite characters and scenes from “Angela’s Ashes.” Finally, Wolfe describes the emotional core of a story in “Telling True Stories.” What was McCourt’s emotional core story in “Angela’s Ashes”?
No mistakes are made in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.All parts of the question are answered with evidence, taken from the readings and supplemental materials, and a rationale is given.Sentences are smooth and carefully constructed.The words chosen are clear, accurate, and precise.Vague or ambiguous terms are clearly defined.The answer avoids triteness and unsupported generalizations.Supporting sources, such as the readings, supplemental materials, and other academic sources, are used. The evidence clearly supports the stance taken, and the evidence is sufficient and specific.The ideas reflect critical thinking and insight.The content has depth and substance.The answer or response holds the reader’s interest.


What is the most influential accomplishment in nursing theory from the 1950’s and 1960’s?

What are the legal issues
enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and
presented in this case?

Explain the purpose of your program, specifying the need for services.

Do you believe these laws to be attempts to legislate ethics?

Explain benefits and drawbacks of performance management systems.

Write a term-paper on a condition, situation, scenario specific to a stage in the life-span (ex. Crises, aging, “failure to launch”, marriage/divorce, empty nest, sandwich generation, etc.).

Discuss how the Healthy People 2030 objective intends to address/improve the problem or population.

What role does media (e.g., social media, magazines) plays in adolescent body satisfaction?

Is the significance/importance of the study explicit?

Discuss increases and decreases in supply and