write the email

For this part of the Job Acquisition Project, you will be creating your thank-you message. This is an important follow-up step when applying for a job. You will complete this assignment using BlazeView email. Be sure you have read and studied the information in your textbook on thank-you messages. This begins on page 633. According to our textbook, there are three options for sending a thank-you message: a handwritten note card, a word-processed letter on bond paper, or an e-mail. It is important that you assess the culture of the company you are applying to and consider which is most appropriate. For this assignment, you will compose an email message. 
Please follow the instructions below:

Using the information and examples in your textbook, compose a thank-you email message. 
Type the message directly into the body of an email. Do not attach a letter. 
Send the email to your instructor through BlazeView email and address your instructor at XYZ Corporation as the potential employer.