Write with clarity, paying attention to spelling, grammar, and syntax.

Select an emerging issue in abnormalpsychology and assign you to the Pro”side of taking antidepressants.goals in the debate will be to:Demonstrate understanding of theemerging issue and relevant research findingsDisplay critical thinking skills,while demonstrating an understanding of the emerging issue that enables you topresent your side in a rational manner.Identify at least two criticaldilemmas and/or points related to the issue (e.g., ethics, socio-culturalnorms)Defend your position with compellingarguments and predictions for future trendsSelect and apply relevant theoreticaldiscussion, empirical data, and practical evidence from professional, scholarlyjournals.Format:The emphasis is on clear, criticalanalysis. Historically, strong, well-developed papers average around 5-pages oftext, before adding title page and references page.Structure your paper utilizing APAstyle (7th Edition); this includes title page, headings, in-text citations,reference page, and general paper format (1-inch margins, double-spaced,appropriately sized sans serif or serif fonts – e.g., 12 Times Roman). An abstract is not required.Accurately use APA style citationsand references.Apply sound writing mechanics: writewith clarity, paying attention to spelling, grammar, and syntax.