Writing and Approving the Constitution Discussion

Writing and Approving the Constitution Discussion

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Ancient history

1) Read the three YAWP readings – links provided below. 2) Read Thomas Jefferson’s response letter to Benjamin Banneker, link provided. 3) Read the “Meaning of Race” on pages 189 – 192 of the US History online text. 4) Read pages 202 – 205 of the US History online text. 5) Within the Constitution, which can be found on pages 987-993 of the US History online text, Read Article I, Section 2, Clause 3; Article I, Section 9, Clause 1; and Article IV, Section 2, Clause 3. Of the first 16 presidents of the U.S., 14 either owned slaves or came from slave owning families. Supreme Court Justices owned slaves. Congressmen, governors, and other local and military leaders owned slaves. Questions to answer: From the YAWP reading, what do we know about Cato? From the YAWP reading, what do we know about Benjamin Banneker? What do you think about what Thomas Jefferson said, after reading about Cato and Benjamin Banneker? What can we know about Thomas Jefferson from his response letter to Benjamin Banneker? What does the Constitution call slaves?_ Does it use the word slave? Does the Constitution protect slavery and the right to own slaves? Explain. Would the President of the United States have had the power to end slavery under the Constitution? Do some research on your own. Could a state within the union pass a law refusing to return a runaway slave? Explain. By 1787, the year the Constitution was written, the United States had been using slave labor to build our economy for 168 years._ What were the reasons for slavery being debated during the Constitutional Convention? What are the connections between the 3/5 Compromise, determination of representation in the House of Representatives, and the Electoral College? Some people say that a democracy is fragile. Why do you think they may say this? What does it depend on to continue? Consider the questions presented in the PowerPoint presentation. Did you pass the Citizenship Practice Test?