Writing proposals and writing persuasively

In this scenario you will outline a proposal for a presentation on “Social Media for Seniors” ina professionally-formatted business letter. (For an example of an informal proposal in businessletterformat, see Ch. 12, 435-38.)Norma Bates, the Community Life Coordinator at the Shady Acres Assisted Living Complexin Mission, organizes a series of seminars for residents. Presenters receive a stipend of $175for participating. Your Communications instructor has suggested you give a presentation onsocial media to the residents. Since you could always use an extra $175 and the experience willmake a useful addition to your co-curricular record and résumé, you have agreed.To be considered as a speaker in this seminar series you need to describe your intendedpresentation in a letter to Ms. Bates. Your informal proposal should identify what you intendto talk about and why this topic is relevant to the intended audience.Most of the selderly people living at Shady Acres have experience using Facebook and manyhave smartphones, but they are not very unfamiliar with the social media platforms favouredby their children and grandchildren. This is where your expertise and familiarity is an asset.Your goal will be to explain to this audience of seniors how two or three of the social mediaplatforms popular in 2022 work, and why younger generations prefer them to Facebook.In your proposal to Ms. Bates make sure you cover the following:1) Why it is important that seniors understand the social media platforms favoured by theiryounger relatives.2) How two or three of these online communities operate: When were they created? Howpopular are they? What are their defining characteristics? (Comparing and contrasting withFacebook might be a useful method of making connections here.)3) Are you planning to advise your audience to join these social media platforms, or is itsufficient that they know a little bit about them in order better to communicate with theirchildren and grandchildren?4) What makes you a good candidate to deliver this presentation? This could be specificbackground and training, or informal qualifications including personal familiarity with theplatforms under discussion and/or experience working or living with older generations.5) Provide a brief description of one or two activities you might employ to engage theattention of your audience and help them understand the material you’ll be presenting.6) Finally, indicate the resources and equipment you will need from Shady Acres in order tomake your presentation a success.You can write to Ms. Bates at:Norma BatesCommunity Life CoordinatorShady Acres Assisted Living ComplexMission, BC V2X 6G8